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The Dinghy Cruising Companion, Roger Barnes

The Dinghy Cruising Companion, Roger Barnes

Barnes, Roger

Our Alex says:

"A subject about which I know absolutely nothing having never tried it! However, I'm often tempted to give up sailing bigger boats (with all their bigger problems) and set sail on an 18-foot boat with a tent, mostly as a result of flicking through this book. Great for those with open boats and aspirations of longer trips."

Synopsis: 'You will venture into the fringes of the wilderness with the minimum of simple gear, to live with it on its own terms. You will know that one of the sure ways to contentment in this life is a small boat, a fair wind, and a new coast to explore.' Dinghy cruising is a wonderful way to experience nature and new coastlines at close quarters and low cost. Sailing where larger boats cannot reach, and sleeping under canvas onboard or ashore, this is boating taken right back to the basics, and all the better for that.

This guide, for all aspiring or already-enthusiastic dinghy cruisers, shows how to get started and how to expand your horizons. The information and advice is interwoven with wonderfully evocative stories of the author's adventures afloat, from idyllic weeks pottering around secluded rivers and coastlines to hair-raising voyages to remote islands. The text covers: Finding a good boat Fitting out for daysailing Boatcraft under engine and oar Mooring and anchoring Preparing for open water Out at sea Coastal navigation Dinghy homemaking Keeping comfortable and safe Illustrated throughout with inspirational colour photos and helpful illustrations, this book shows just why small boats are the perfect passport to remote and beautiful places.

Price: 15.99