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Swallows and Amazons : Hardback

Swallows and Amazons : Hardback

Ransome, Arthur

Synopsis: A master storyteller, sympathetically in touch with real children and their interests, has created characters who are accepted as friends by children everywhere, not to mention plots which are eminently plausible and unexpected. 'SUNDAY TIMES, in an article listing Swallows and Amazons among' 99 Best Books for Children.

The Walker children - also known as Captain John, Mate Susan, Able-Seaman Titty, and Ship's Boy Roger - set sail on the Swallow and head for Wild Cat Island. There they camp under open skies, swim in clear water and go fishing for their dinner. But their days are disturbed by the Blackett sisters, the fierce Amazon pirates.

The Swallows and Amazons decide to battle it out, and so begins a summer of unforgettable discoveries and incredible adventures.

Price: 16.99