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SunStop Anti-Wick Thread 92 Beige 8oz Spool

SunStop Anti-Wick Thread 92 Beige 8oz Spool

Size 92 in high performance twisted multifilament polyester and treated with advanced UV protection and anti-wick. Ideal for any outdoor sail and cover repairs. The beige thread can be seen against white sail cloth so that any loose stitching can be quickly rectified. Other colours can be ordered.

Technical Specification:
Size 92. Needle size imperial/metric: 17-20/105/125.
Average metres per spool: 2,115 m, Average tensile strength 6.58 kg.

- Anti wicking
- Excellent UV resistance
- Fade resistant
- Excellent long term strength retention

Main Uses
Any sewing task where high exposure to UV is expected.

Price: 27.71 (Including VAT at 20%)