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Suffolk Sea-Borders

Suffolk Sea-Borders

H. Alker Tripp

Synopsis: Here is something very special for all lovers of the evocative and well-informed cruising yarn — the second of three books from the 1920s by Herbert (later Sir Herbert) Alker Tripp give us a wonderful feel for the waters he explores (in an age still with much working sail), and their place in the last thousand years or so of English history. Wonderfully engaging writing, with dozens of masterful pen drawings and many miniature paintings in monochrome. With beautiful typography, and a boldly spacious layout which gives both words and drawings room to breathe on their cream bookwove paper, this new edition promises hours of nautical and historical reverie, by the fireside or under the cabin lamp.

ISBN 978-1-907206-06-1; 246x170mm; 176 pages plus 8pp mono plates, many line drawings. Hardcover, blocked in gold on front and spine, laminated jacket.

Price: 20.00