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Stormsure (Three 5 g Tubes) Clear

Stormsure (Three 5 g Tubes) Clear

Stormsure Clear

A very useful adhesive brilliantly packed in three small tubes rather than one big one. Whoever thought of that deserves a medal. Stormsure is a clear blobby concoction which will actually bridge gaps. That red hot cinder that burnt a small hole in your mind boggling expensive Ocean HPX Oilskins can be simply mended with a clear blob of Stormsure. Use it to make a totally waterproof and permanent repair to wetsuits, tents, awnings, oilskins and wellies. Well, that is why we stock it, but it will also stick almost anything else including fibreglass, wood and concrete!
- Mends wetsuits and wellies
- Totally Waterproof
- Easy to apply

Technical Specification: Three tube 5 g each.

Awaiting Stock

Price: 6.49 (Including VAT at 20%)