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Soft Matt Polyester Three Strand Ropes

Soft Matt Polyester Three Strand Rope

This premium soft matt polyester rope is made from worsted yarn giving it a matt finish which is very easy to grip and is excellent at holding knots. It is soft to handle and very easy to coil. The rope is durable and abrasion resistant. The construction of this rope gives it a moderate to high stretch of >17% making it an ideal choice for mooring lines on traditional craft. The smaller sizes are the perfect choice for reefing pennants as the reef knots will not shake out by themselves. It is very easy to splice so, coupled with its soft feel, it also makes a good choice for lanyards and leashes. One of our most popular ropes. Available Classic Buff and now also in Matt White
- Excellent knot holding
- Good grip
- Easy to handle
- Moderate stretch
- Classic good looks
- Easy to splice
- Soft feel
- Sinks

Main Uses Mooring warps for traditional and classic craft. Flag
halyards. Reefing pennants. Lanyards and leashes.