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Ratchet Wire Rope Cutter

Ratchet Wire Rope Cutter

These cutters are becoming more and more popular. Riggers and sailors appreciate the ability to cut wire ropes in difficult working conditions. For instance it is easy to cut through the trailing wire ropes associated with a dismasting while leaning over the side of a yacht with only one hand free.

Using the ratchet principle these cutters can cut through soft wire ropes up to 10 mm Ø or stainless wires up to 8 mm.

Very little effort is required and as the tool is operated single handed it is a great safety feature when working at height.


Length 275 mm

Weight 0.75 kg

RoHS compliant

Made in Germany
Please Note: Every cutter is tested once after manufacture. This will show as a slight mark on the blade.

Price: 185.00 (Including VAT at 20%)