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RYA Yacht Sailing Techniques

RYA Yacht Sailing Techniques

Evans, Jeremy

Synopsis: Thousands of hours are required to build up experience afloat and there will always be more things to learn. In the meantime, this book will help start the ball rolling, building expertise by providing a basic overview of yacht sailing techniques which should be enhanced by the RYA?s Competent Crew and Day Skipper courses.

RYA Yacht Sailing Techniques is the perfect companion for any skipper or crew looking for the basic skills to enjoy cruising in good conditions.

Contents include:
The layout and equipment on a small to medium sized yacht
The essential safety information that all need to know before getting underway
Basic maintenance
Manoeuvring in a marina
Handling under sail
Anchoring and mooring
Man overboard rescue strategy

This will provide you with enough information to enjoy relaxed yacht cruising in favourable conditions with a family, particularly for flotilla or bareboat holidays. That means fair weather, light to moderate winds, little or no tide, a quiet sailing area, easily assessed navigational hazards, well protected anchorages with good holding and uncrowded marinas.

Specific recommendations are made throughout the book to RYA courses and books for those who wish to increase their knowledge and expertise to higher levels.

Price: 14.49