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R.A.W. Pro Head Torch

R.A.W. Pro Head Torch

The RAW Pro is a waterproof, light weight, high power white and red beam head torch. Engineered specifically to excel in the harsh marine environment, you can rely on it in any situation!

Unique single click operation allows quick and easy access to both colour outputs and multiple power modes. Lightweight aerospace aluminium casing give ultimate strength in a tough, unforgiving environment.

- 100% waterproof to 2 meters ensuring you reliability in the harshest marine environments
- High power red output for glare free light that preserving night vision.
- Single click operation allows quick access to the red without scrolling through the white without going through the red.
- Using a bi-colour LED enables a super compact design whilst maintaining high power outputs from both the red and white beam
- Aluminium construction with marine anodising ensures maximum strength with minimum weight so that it can be worn unnoticed.
- Simple traffic light battery feedback ensure you never get caught out with a flat battery.
- 1.5 hour USB fast charge for global compatibility
- Multiple modes make the RAW in any situation from walking the dog to extreme expeditions.
- High Intensity Strobe for emergency situations ensure you have maximum output for an extended period of time

Run Time:






Depth Rating: IPX8 2 metres

Charge Time: 1.5hrs

Dimensions: L - 55mm x D - 35mm

Weight: 43 g

The advantage of the R.A.W. Pro:

- Glare-free red light with ultra-low 2 lumen output
- High end power LED (200 lumens)
- Maximum comfort washable headband
- Easy angle adjustment
- Endurance runtimes (up to 25 hours)
- Limited Lifetime warranty*
- Lifetime LED guarantee
- First 2 year service free of charge

*subject to bi-annual service

Made in the UK. 10 Year Warranty

Exposure Lights has been selected as the Technical Lighting supplier to both the Dongfeng Race Team and the recently announced Turn the Tide on Plastic campaign for the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18.

Both teams approached Exposure Lights for technical lighting support based on their skippers’ experience of using these high powered, lightweight LED spotlights in previous ocean racing campaigns. Dee Caffari, skipper of Turn the Tide on Plastic used the lights during the SCA campaign and during the BBC’s Hell and High Water project, and Charles Caudrelier, skipper of Dongfeng Race Team, has the lights as his ‘go to lights’ in his personal kit bag.

In addition to the Exposure MOB search and strobe lights that are already being supplied on all the Volvo 65s by the organisers, the teams are receiving a package of additional lights including the highly robust Exposure RAW Pro head torches as well as the potential to develop future products.

Charles Caudrelier, comments, “Every second counts on board – 24/7. Robust, long lasting lighting on board ensures our crew are really effective all night and all day, trimming, pushing the boat or fixing things below decks. The Exposure Lights give us totally reliable, lightweight, high power spot lights, or soft red light to avoid losing night vision for hours on end. They save us carrying multiple types of lights for different purposes and they are so lightweight, which is race critical for us.”

Dee Caffari adds, “As well as being the best in their class for ocean racing, Exposure’s LED lights are ideal for us. They are USB rechargeable, which means we do not have to worry about disposing of batteries which are harmful to the environment.”

Quoted from Marine Industry News

Price: 119.95 (Including VAT at 20%)