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Polyproof - the ultimate waterproof adhesive (Phenol Resorcinol) 670 g

Polyproof - the ultimate waterproof adhesive (Phenol Resorcinol)  670 g

the ultimate waterproof adhesive

Can stand continuous immersion in water
This super-professional, two part glue has been specially developed for waterproof exterior use and can stand continuous immersion in water. This glue is so waterproof - boat builders use it.
Developed for the marine industry this is the only completely waterproof adhesive that will withstand continual immersion in water.
Ideal for
• structural timber • laminated roof members • timber in constant contact with water • timber in contact with the ground • arches for bridge work • concrete formers • marine craft construction • bonding of preservative treated timber • bonding of difficult timber i.e. teak and iroko

Unique qualities
• completely waterproof • withstands extreme weathering • withstands complete water immersion

Mixing: By weight - 100 parts of resin to 15 parts of hardener.
Liquid working life: After mixing, the glue mix commences to thicken but will stay usable for between 30 minutes at 30 degrees C and 4½ hours at 10 degrees C. Higher temperatures will shorten the working life, lower temperatures will prolong it.

The mixed glue should be applied to one or both surfaces, which should be brought together while the glue is still wet. Spreading both surfaces permits longer assembly times. The two surfaces must be held under pressure (by clamps, screws, pins etc.) until the glue sets (normally overnight). For best results, the glue should be allowed to set at normal room temperature (15-25 degrees C / 59-77 degrees F). Very low temperatures will slow the setting time of the glue and should be avoided.
Cleaning tools and equipment: When set, there is no known solvent for Polyproof glue. Liquid glue may be removed from tools and containers by washing in warm soapy water.

Protection of the hands - resin glues can cause dermatitis. A wet swab should be used frequently to prevent the glue from setting on the hands.

Price: 37.13 (Including VAT at 20%)