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Petrolux Oil Lamp Clear Glass

Petrolux Oil Lamp Clear Glass

Petrolux Oil Lamp
Design: Peter Seidelin Jessen, 2006

In this oil lamp you will find following features:
- A modern appealing design spreading light and warmth
- The lamp can be hung or stand alone
- Easy to operate:
- Easy to fill up with lamp oil
- Easy to light (and put out)
- Easy to move about without burning oneself (the handle does not become hot)
- Everything except the burner is made of stainless steel
- Circular burner for more light

Oil tank 0.42 L
Weight about 2 kg
Height 419 mm
Diameter of shade 240 mm
The burner made of nickel-plated brass
Burning time is approx. 16 hours
Material is brushed stainless steel

The particular chimney-cap system ensures that the handle never becomes hot.
When filling her up, unscrew the top half of the lamp-stem.
A lot of care has gone into all details!

A screw eye is supplied to screw into the base to attach a securing line.

List Price £409.01

Price: 360.00 (Including VAT at 20%)