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Owatrol Paint Conditioner 1 L

Owatrol Paint Conditioner 1 L

Owatrol Paint Conditioner is a versatile paint and varnish conditioner and rust inhibitor. When mixed with oil paint or varnish it adds extra penetration and wetting action and most usefully it extends the wet edge time to eliminate brush marks and laps. For perfect varnish and enamel work add 5 to 10% to the varnish. Once you have used Owatrol you will never want to paint without again! Very highly recommended. It is also used widely in shipyards to effectively protect steel against corrosion. Apply it neat to rusty steel or mix it 1:1 with red oxide primer to force out moisture and provide an effective prime coat.

* No more brush marks
* Spray quality finish with a brush
* Highly effective rust inhibitor

List price £30.64

Price: 29.50 (Including VAT at 20%)