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Opera Block

Opera Block

Our sister company, Flints designed this block to meet the need for a pulley which can be quickly rigged to flying bars for the purpose of hoisting lanterns and sound equipment into position before their final fixing. By rigging this quick block, items can be raised into position by a crew member at stage level.

The pulley is simply passed through its own tested CE marked web [EN 566] and it is ready to use. The sheave is fitted with a Delrin® ball race for low friction even at high loads, and there is a becket underneath so that purchase arrangements can be made.

It will take 14 mm rope but we would recommend hauling with 10 or 12 mm matt braided polyester rope.

A very useful and popular bit of kit at a competitive price.

Please Note: It is not acceptable under current health and safety legislation to carry items up a Tallescope, ladder or tower.

Sheave Diameter: 70 mm
Maximum Rope Size: 14 mm
Breaking Load: 2500 kg
Safety Factor: 16 to 1
Working Load Limit: 156 kg
CE EN566

Price: 38.56 (Including VAT at 20%)