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NV Atlas Chart NL2 Waddenzee (Edition 2019)

NV Atlas Chart NL2 Waddenzee (Edition 2019)

NV-Charts for the Netherlands are based on official Dutch Hydrographic Office data. They include numerous harbourplans and details for approaches, passages and anchorages of the given area, extra details for rivers and channels, as well as bridge clearances, opening times and notes and warnings for the given waters. Buoys and marks are shown coloured as is usual in Netherlands waters.

The clear structure makes finding harbour details or anchorages a matter of seconds. In this way the mariner gets quick access to all important navigational information. All information is also shown in the NV Charts App.

The cartography uses ideal scales and wellchosen sheet cuts. Tide- and current data are also available for digital navigation using either Chart Navigator or NV Charts App.

NV.Atlas for the Netherlands is annually published.

• 1 Offshore Charts
• 12 Coastal Charts
• 18 Detailed chartlets
• Includes Tide Tables
• NV Charts App FREE

NV. Atlas for Netherlands is published annually
The text is in English

Price: 39.00 (Including VAT at 20%)