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Auto Adjust 6" Curved Jaw Vice Grip Pliers

Auto Adjust 6

We sell a pair of these Auto Adjust pliers to pretty much everyone we show them to! Unlike usual locking pliers where you have to manually change the width of the jaws to suit the size of the object you are gripping, these vice grips have a simple set screw which sets the tension in the spring - and then they grip any size of object without any further adjustment! So you can grip an M6, an M8 and an M10 nut in succession, then some copper pipe, then a shackle pin, without changing anything at all! The needle nosed pliers are good for gripping fiddly things like split pins or jubilee clips too.

Everyone in the shop loves them - stop reading this and buy (at least) a pair!

Just reduced from £26.07.

Price: 25.00 (Including VAT at 20%)