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Metabo Hot Air Gun

Metabo Hot Air Gun

Metabo Hot Air Gun has a powerful motor with two heating and three blower levels. The ergonomic design and rubber-coated handle provides ideal handling and a safe application. Ideal for:

- Dust-free removal of paint and varnish
- Drying samples and filler/texture compounds
- Applying Heat Shrinks
- Heat shrinking mirrors
- Softening thermoplastics.

Technical details: Air volume: 240 / 450 L/min. Air temperature: 300 / 500 ° C. Rated input power: 1,600 W. High service life due to easy-to-clean air filter. Weight without power cable: 700 g. Supplied with 50 mm wide jet nozzle, reducing nozzle [20 mm], and plastic carry case.

List Price £70.74

Price: 58.35 (Including VAT at 20%)