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MOB Search Light by Exposure Marine NEW Carbon Version

MOB Search Light by Exposure Marine NEW Carbon Version

The MOB Carbon light is a floating personal searchlight with unique Man Overboard Technology (MOBT). It can be taken anywhere, used for everything and re-charged globally.


- High powered searchlight for quick and easy sail trimming, spotting of markers or debris, and rapid location of casualties
- Compact size makes MOB functional in any situation, land or sea
- Water activated strobe which can be thrown or worn to aid in fast rescue
- Pocket sized to ensure the MOB is easily accessible for general work or an emergency
- Cable free search light allows freedom of movement at sea or on land
- USB charging for global compatibility

In the box: MOB torch, USB charging cable, Quick Start Guide.

What is the advantage of MOBT?
- Pick up and throw saves crucial time in an emergency when wind and currents can quickly disorientate perceived location
- Motion sensing combines with timed water submersion to ensure automatic activation only occurs in an emergency avoiding battery wastage and accidental loss of night vision
- The MOB can be used as a multiple output torch as its colour coded rear switch always indicates how many hours of strobe remain should it be required

Run Times:
High 1.5 hour
Medium 4 hours
Low 12 hours
Strobe 20 hours

Lumens 1,000

Depth ratine: IPX8 5 metres

Charge Time: 4 hours

Dimensions: Length 130 x 37 mm

Weight: 95 g

The previous version of this light was tested By Arthur Beale

May 2016

There is nothing quite like using a product to test it. We like to play with the products whenever we get a good opportunity. I recently took part in the Scottish Islands Peak Race and it was the perfect opportunity to put some gear through its paces. Amongst the kit I took were Guy Cotton Boots, Devold Merinos, Lenser P5.2 Hand Torch, Petzl Tactkka Headtorch, Exped Dry Bags and the Ortlieb Duffle Bag. Most of these items have been rigorously tested before but there was one new toy that I took along and it was brilliant - !!Exposure Lights MOB Search Light.
One of the features of the race is running up mountains in the dark and GPS devices are banned. It is very easy to get lost! Small torches are essential kit but what you really need is something that will blast its way down the mountain to pick up on the small loch in the distant valley with the next checkpoint. The problem with most searchlights is that they are just way too heavy but this one weighs just 116 g (now only 95 g!) and that includes the batteries! That means it is light enough to run with. It also means it will float.
The second incredible feature of this piece of kit is that if you throw it into the sea near a MOB casualty it will automatically turn on a strobe and flash for 40 hrs. If you keep one in the cockpit you have both a powerful searchlight for picking your way through moorings plus a fantastic safety device.
It is IPX8 rated to 5 metres depth, charges via a USB cable.
The snag? The only minor niggle was that the clever magnetic charger connector could get knocked off position if it got bashed. As usual good things do cost a bit more but at £179.95 (NOW REDUCED!) for a search light and a MOB safety device I reckon this is good value. I've bought one for the Good Ship Sumara so if you see a little wooden yacht with a massive light, then that'll be me!

Price: 125.00 (Including VAT at 20%)