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Lenser F1

Lenser F1

Lenser Extreme Torches

A completely crazy 400 lumen powerhouse that fits in your pocket! This is the ultimate LED torch!

Perfect for pcking your way through a dark anchorage or flashing onto your sails as an anti-collision warning.

- Xtreme Power CREE LED
- Smart Light technology [Power, Low Power, Defence Strobe]
- Tough HAIII Anodised Aluminium housing
- IPX8 waterproof to 2.5 meters
- Integrated Anti-roll
- Dual positional 360 pocket/sleeve/cap clip
- Interchangeable torch front-rings - steel or tactical
- Tactical front-ring capable of breaking glass

Batteries 1 x CR123 Lithium
Dimensions 88 x 27.5 mm
Beam length 100 m
Battery duration 2 h
Weight 69 g

Supplied with cleaning cloth and brush, clip, interchangeable front rings [steel and tactical] and battery.

Price: 54.00 (Including VAT at 20%)