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Kong Frog

Kong Frog

These are super fast connectors. Just touch the Frog against - cable, rope or another connector and the patented end design slams shut instantly grabbing the item and you have a secure connection able to withstand 26 kN!

The Kong Frog eliminates fiddling with karabiner gates while trying to make an awkward connection.

Use it to reach for a flying wire for brailing purposes. Use it whenever a clean instant pick up is needed.

The Kong Frog comes in two types: this version has an 11 mm Ø hole for your own lanyard attachment. The Kong Frog with Web Strop features a short 94 mm web strop which can be used to connect to any karabiner, shackle or brail line.

Strength: 26 kN
Jaw Width: 13 mm
Lanyard Attachment Hole Diameter: 11 mm
Weight: 50 g

Price: 17.40 (Including VAT at 20%)