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Knot Companion

Knot Companion

Davison, Tim and Judkins, Steve

Description: An essential guide to tying knots in splash proof ring bound format This full colour, clearly illustrated book covers cover the top 10 knots everyone should know, plus coiling and throwing a rope, and whipping (stopping the end unravelling). It is part of of Fernhurst's highly popular Companion series. All Companion books feature essential information - colour coded for instant access.

Designed to withstand the rigours of on-board use they are splash proof, ringbound and printed on durable laminated card.* Everyone needs knots: sailors, fishermen, girl guides, etc.* Features the 10 knots everyone should know.* Colour sequences of drawings show how to tie the knot, step-by-step.* The use, good and bad points of each knot is highlighted.* Splash proof ring bound format.

Price: 7.99