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Jag Pick Off Rescue System

Jag Pick Off Rescue System

Jag Pick off Rescue System

This piece of clever kit was developed for the work and rescue industry. It is basically a 4 to 1 mechanical advantage tackle using highly efficient sealed ball race pulleys. The upper pulley is fitted with a rope lock to hold the lift in position. The whole assembly is held within a net tube so it will not get tangled up and will be ready for instant deployment. It can be used to haul a casualty out of the water by using a sewn nylon web sling
(see Webbing Section of this website) around the boom and attaching the other end to the person in the water. The 2 m length of the unit can be extended with a suitable lanyard and it will provide 1.66 m of lift - generally enough
to get the person onboard. Supplied complete with two Am’D Triact Lock karabiners.

Technical Specification:
Deployed length: 2 m. Collapsed length: 340 mm. Weight: 805 g.
Working load: 6 kN (611 kgf). Breaking load: 16 kN (1,631 kgf). Efficiency
91%. Rope diameter: 7.7 mm
- Super fast deployment rescue kit

Note: Aluminium pulleys should be cleaned and dried after use to avoid salt water corrosion.

Main uses
- Hauling casualty from water
- Hauling heavy objects onboard
- Tensioning a system

Price: 210.00 (Including VAT at 20%)