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Icom M93D EURO Handheld with DSC/GPS/MOB

Icom M93D EURO Handheld with DSC/GPS/MOB


IC-M93D EURO, The World’s Slimmest, Buoyant DSC Handheld Radio*

The IC-M93D EURO VHF/DSC handheld radio is the successor to the popular IC-M91D. Stylish and slim, this new Icom handheld contains an abundance of features including a dedicated built-in DSC receiver (meets ITU-R M.493-13 Class D DSC), internal GPS and active noise cancelling technology.

In addition, an intuitive interface coupled with 2.3 inch full dot matrix high-contrast display and soft keypad makes this a comfortable and easy handportable to operate.
The IC-M93D EURO has an integrated DSC/GPS giving you the facility to send and receive DSC calls. A dedicated DSC receiver continuously monitors CH70 and is independent of the main receiver and other operations.

Other important safety at sea offerings include
- A built-in compass
- Navigation and Man Over Board features.

Advanced noise cancelling technology on the radio reduces background noise by up to 90 percent on both outgoing and incoming calls making sure your communications are heard.
The IC-M93D EURO comes as standard with the BC-220 rapid charger which charges the standard Liion battery pack in just 2.5 hours.

The handheld’s extended 1500mAh Li-Ion battery life provides a full day of use**.

The IC-M93D EURO features Icom's exclusive Float’n Flash and AquaQuake technology. Should the radio be dropped overboard, a flashing light will activate, making it easier to locate. The Float'n Flash
feature works regardless of whether the power is turned on. The AquaQuake draining function uses low-frequency sound waves to clear water away from the radio’s speaker grill for clear audio.
Additional radio features include the IPX7 waterproof rating, 50 waypoint memories with alphanumeric names for navigation and a loud speaker.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK said,

‘The IC-M93D EURO combines advanced safety features with an intuitive user interface for faster and easier access to all the radio functions. As such I feel it will be an important piece of on-board safety equipment for bluewater cruisers, powerboaters, fishermen or kayakers alike.’

** The IC-M93D EURO allows 9 hours of battery life while continuously monitoring CH70. (Typical operation with Tx: Rx: standby = 5: 5: 90 (Power save: ON))

Weight: Approximately 300 g

List Price £299.94

Price: 259.14 (Including VAT at 20%)