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Herkules - High Performance Polyester Braided Rope



This is a very versatile rope for any ocean cruising yacht expecting unqualified high standards. The rope is very hard wearing and maintains its round shape making it ideal for tough winching tasks. It has a tenacious grip on winch drums and the 1:1 plaited cover is extremely durable. The rope is heat set giving it a working stretch less than 5% making it a good choice for halyards as well as sheets.

Technical Specification:
Cover 1:1 plaited high tenacity spun-dyed polyester. Core high tenacity braided polyester. Working stretch <5%.

- Best possible quality
- Very durable
- Low stretch
- Great grip on winches
- Good abrasion resistance
- Absolutely non-kinking
- UV Stable

Main Uses
Sheets. Halyards. Gybe preventers. Control lines. Reefing lines. Any line requiring hard winching. Solid black makes a great theatre hauling line.