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Harken Hexaratchet. Maximum Rope Size 14 mm - Starboard

Harken Hexaratchet. Maximum Rope Size 14 mm - Starboard

These popular ratchet blocks will grip loaded hauling lines to relieve the operator of much of the strain.

The design of the sheave is such that when the rope is eased off it will slide around the sheave without the sheave turning, hence a hefty load can be lifted or controlled and held in place without having to hold the full weight.

These blocks do NOT lock the rope so the load can be gently lowered against the fixed sheave.

The Set screw in the three-way head allows the head to be fixed parallel, at right angles or to freely swivel.

- Very popular with Professional Riggers
- Ideal for Trimmers requiring complete control

Sheave Diameter: 76 mm
Maximum Rope Size: 14 mm
Turns: Clockwise
Breaking Load: 20 kN
Safety Factor: 2.77 to 1
Safe Working Load: 816 kg
It gives an 8 to 1 advantage with a 180° wrap

Price: 155.94 (Including VAT at 20%)