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GIll Deckhand Gloves - Long Finger - Grey - Type 7052

GIll Deckhand Gloves - Long Finger - Grey - Type 7052

New Style

Gill is a world leading sailing glove brand. This reputation has been earned through constantly researching, designing and bringing to market gloves that embrace innovation and clever design. Through the utilisation of cutting edge materials that provide grip, dexterity and durability the current comprehensive range once again raises the bar.



Offset finger seams remove pressure points and reduce wear
Excellent flexibility and comfort.
Wraparound palm protection eliminates uncomfortable seams and provides complete wear protection
Pre-shaped construction fits your natural hand shape.
Stretch fabric on back for comfort.
Inside facing wrist closure prevents accidental starting of watch.


Double Layer Amara® reinforcement won't absorb or hold water and dries quickly.
Four way stretch fabric across back of hand provides 50+ UV protection and is water repellent


Dinghy and Inshore Sailing

Total Price: 22.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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