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For The Love of Sauntress - A Forty Year Affair

For The Love of Sauntress - A Forty Year Affair

Martin O’Scannall

Synopsis: Here, in a series of delightful, engaging episodes ranging from Anglesey to Galicia by way of the West Country, the East Coast, the Netherlands, Norway and south-west Ireland, is what it is like to restore and sail—and be possessed by—a modest yet glorious 28ft gaffer dating from the golden age of Edwardian yachting.
For the Love of Sauntress is illustrated with a gallery of outrageously beautiful photographs by Oscar Companioni, printed in monochrome and colour; these depict Sauntress in all her present-day glory, and were taken on a single, perfect August evening off the Galician coast during her annual match race with her local rival Abur.

ISBN 978-1-907206-26-9; 216 x 156mm, 144 pages, mono photos, 8 pages of colour photos. Softcover with sewn binding, cover flaps and matt lamination.

Price: 12.00