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Festool Syslite II Kal

Festool Syslite II Kal

Good lighting can transform the quality of the work while at the same time making life easier for the operator.

Festool has made the worklight 75% brighter. The battery lasts 20%longer. This brilliantly thought through light can be placed anywhere without the hassle of cables. The sides are different angles so the operator can adjust the scattering angle. The light is of outstanding quality, homogeneous and even.

Useful for lighting medium sized areas and products for photographic and film use.

Scattering angle of 170° 4 Compact design
12 high performance LEDs
Die cast aluminium housing
Festool battery packs can also be used for a longer operating life
Heat-insulated moulded recess to protect the user and light
Can be tripod mounted on 1 /4” thread
Supplied In A Carton With:
Operating instructions
Integrated 7.2 V 2.9 Ah Li-ion battery
Mains charging adapter 230 V
Car charging adapter
Transport bag

Technical Specification:
Light Source: 12 x 1.5 W
Duration [internal battery] 1st/2nd stage 290/110 min
Charge Time of Internal Battery: 200 min
Weight: 700 g

Price: 138.34 (Including VAT at 20%)