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Felco Cutters (C16 - 630 mm)

Felco Cutters (C16 - 630 mm)

Generally regarded as the world leaders for hand cutters for steel wire rope.

These top quality Swiss made tools give a nice clean cut every time. Strong, simple and well designed these cutters will last you a lifetime.

Replacement blades are also available for all the tools except the small C7 cutters. Please note that the maximum wire size listed should be taken as the absolute maximum.

This would be a useful size on board for cutting away rigging up to about 10 mm thick

If you are using these cutters in a salt water environment we would recommend coating the blades with Anhydrous Lanolin.

Theoretical Cutting Capability: 16 mm soft wire rope
Artjhur Beale Recommended Maximum Cutting Diameter: 12 mm soft wire rope
Type: C16
Length: 630 mm

Price: 288.97 (Including VAT at 20%)