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Euro 100 N Large Child Lifejacket

Euro 100 N Large Child Lifejacket

Crewsaver continues to lead the way in lifejacket design and the pioneering children’s lifejacket range is no exception. Crewsaver’s complete range of children’s lifejackets are specifically designed for children, so whether you need something for general in-water play, dinghy sailing or even ocean sailing, there is a Crewsaver to suit.

The Euro 100N inherently buoyant foam lifejacket is perfect for inshore use, including surface watersports and swimming. The 100N of buoyancy reduces fatigue during general in-water activities whilst still providing a fun and comfortable fit.

The super soft foam lifejacket comes in 4 sizes featuring character’s from Crewsaver’s popular ‘Oliver’s Adventure’ storybook which teaches children the importance of wearing a lifejacket.

The Crewsaver children’s range now completely outperforms existing products on the market to give your child the safest introduction to life on-board.

100N super soft PVC foam lifejacket
Reflective taping
Inherently buoyant
‘Baby’ and ‘child’ sizes have additional seat support
Crotch straps as standard
Strong, durable cover and fittings
Waist adjustment
Fun cartoon design

Comes with ‘Oliver’s Adventure’ storybook

Large Child Size: 20 - 30 kg Chest 570 - 700 mm, Minimum Buoyancy 40 N

Price: 55.00