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Epifanes Rapidclear Semi Gloss

Epifanes Rapidclear Semi Gloss

Quick and easy alternative to conventional varnish systems with UV protection and a semi-gloss finish. The advantage of this system is that new coats can be applied after 4-5 hours and there is no sanding between layers. It can be applied with brush, foam brush, roller or spray. Allow 3-4 coats. It can be overcoated with Epifanes High Gloss varnish for a mirror finish (but this time sand between coats) or left as semi gloss – the preferred finish for most cabins. I also recommend this product for use on furniture. It has little effect on the colour of the timber and the gentle sheen is reminiscent of wax polish.

Coverage approx 750 ml /10 m2 . Thinners: To brush, do not thin. To spray, use Epifanes Spray Thinner for Paint and Varnish – see solvents section.

* Bonds extremely well to teak and oily woods
* Dries in 4-5 hours
* No need to sand between coats

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