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Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish

Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish

The highest quality marine varnish. This varnish is made with a long base of 100% tung oil combined with nonyellowing urethane and alkyd resins blended with a perfected blend of UV filters. World famous for its high gloss retention, long lasting properties, unique flowing characteristics and high build capacity. Regarded by many as the finest of all yacht varnishes. Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish is a traditional varnish of superb quality. Traditional single pack varnishes are ideal for varnishing solid timber where slight movement can be expected. Although these varnishes are not as hard as two-pack varnishes they are very easy to repair and touch up. Tip: Toe rails suffer the most punishment due to the combination of salt water with UV aggravated by gritty shoes trampling on and off the yacht. When varnishing, why not consider adding a coat of varnish to the toe rail while varnishing the topsides and while varnishing the deck brightwork so it gets double-bubble. Also try to wash off the salt water whenever you get access to a hose and consider making some temporary foot rests from plastic tube split along the bottom to clip in place while moored up. It could save you a lot of work.

* Dazzling high gloss finish
* Enhances the beauty of the timber
* Flexible enough to move with the timber
* Easy to repair if it gets damaged
* Excellent UV protection
* Adds to the value of the boat
* Causes traffic jams of admirers on the pontoon

Purchasing Tip: Try to not buy too big a can as the air gap will thicken the varnish. It is better to buy several small cans and open a fresh can for each coat. 500 ml is my ideal size as it is as much as I can varnish without my arm tiring. Arthur Beale sells 500 ml pots at exactly half the 1 L price. Why not buy some plastic paint kettles – it’s poor form to brush straight from the can.

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