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Emergency Practical Companion

Emergency Practical Companion

Winge, Jon

Description:The essential onboard guide to staying afloat and alive at sea--when you run into trouble Written by a respected marine journalist with over thirty years of boating experience, this practical guide offers immediate solutions to any number of problems encountered while at sea. Addressing such dangers as fire; taking on water; running aground; losing power, mast, or rudder; man overboard; becoming lost; and extreme weather, the book offers clear guidance on gaining control of the situation, along with easily understandable photos and illustrations. Other key safety measures, such as having a good understanding of first aid, the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS), flares and signals, are also described in detail.

This handy, waterproof guide would complete any boata s equipment list. * Detailed advice for most emergency situations * A must--have reference for all sailors, power boaters, and motor boaters * The author of numerous books in Norwegian, John Winge has cruised all over world As important as a first--aid kit, Emergency Companion is any boatera s first line of defense against managing any mishap or potential disaster at sea.

Price: 7.99