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Dr Sails 10 ml

Dr Sails 10 ml

DrSails has been engineered by Sailing Technologies, a group formed by chemists, sailors and entrepreneurs which are focusing their efforts in the R&D of marine products. Currently DrSails offer a range of epoxy based products and accessories that have unique features, such as underwater bonding, permanent flexibility and fast curing times. These products are already being used by the worlds most high profile sailors, taking part in events such as the Olympics, Volvo Ocean Race, Vendee Globe & Barcelona World Race.

Dr. Sails is a fast curing, flexible bi component epoxy based adhesive, which cures under extreme conditions, even underwater. The product comes in a self-applying format and is ideal for repairs to Carbon Fibre, Fibre Glass, Sailcloth, Metal, Wood and even Neoprene. With a rapid cure time of just 20 minutes it meets the demands of almost any emergency repair where a high bond strength or flexible bond is required. The bond strength is 200 kg/cm2

"DrSails has saved my Around-The-World Race"
Pachi Rivero 3rd Barcelona World Race 10-11

Price: 19.95 (Including VAT at 20%)