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Davey and Co Wooden Blocks

Key Features

Davey Ash Blocks
Inspired by their 1928 range, these blocks have been carefully developed to have the right proportions for the efficient use with ropes from 8 mm to 14 mm. They are strong, simple and functional but at the same time have the beauty and elegance to enhance the finest of craft.

Key Features
• Bindings: Heavy gauge stainless steel - internal. Fixed and swivel head.
• Sheaves: Tufnol type material as standard, aluminium bronze as an option.
• Bearings: Plain on oversized SS spindles to spread the load and ensure smooth running.
• Shell: High quality ash, formed into a smooth oval shape and varnished.
• Maintenance: By removing just one machine screw the block can easily be disassembled for
inspection and maintenance without damaging the wooden shell.
• Appearance: Just beautiful!