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Davey and Co Hot Pot Stove (Black with Brass Fitments)

Davey and Co Hot Pot Stove (Black with Brass Fitments)

A slimline solid fuel cabin heater designed for boats up to around 30 feet (10 metres). Solidly made in the UK from cast iron and finished black with either brass or chrome fitments. It is supplied complete with two internal grids, ash pan and handle. Can be easily installed using the wide range of stainless steel fittings in this section of our website.
Key Features
• Cast iron construction for good heat radiation.
• Infinite air intake control to adjust heat.
• Positive front door lock for security.
• Slim body with small footprint.
• Will burn most solid fuels (not charcoal).
• Stainless steel installation fittings available.
• Safe and secure

Dimensions H x W x D: 400 x 135 x 140 mm,
Weight: 15 kg,
Chimney D: 64 mm,
Heat output: approximal 2 KW.

Seek advice regarding installation and always ensure the cabin is adequately ventillated. For a carbon monoxide alarm for added security.

Price: 553.10 (Including VAT at 20%)