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Cruises of the Joan

Cruises of the Joan

W. E. Sinclair

It is very unlikely that you have heard of W. E. Sinclair. He and various crew undertook a series of cruises in the 1920s from a base near London, ranging from Madeira to the Baltic and, very finally, Greenland waters, in a Falmouth Quay Punt — a yacht just 22ft in length. Cruises of the Joan is a highly entertaining book combining sailing interest with much ‘local colour’, and is liberally salted with the author’s phlegmatic style, bone-dry humour and, we should add, a sometimes not entirely ‘PC’ vocabulary.

ISBN 978-1-907206-03-0; 190 x 135mm, 246pp, 8pp plates, maps, hardcover gold blocked on front and spine, laminated jacket.

Price: 15.00