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CrewWatcher MOB Alarm (Two beacons plus app)

CrewWatcher MOB Alarm (Two beacons plus app)

The Fastest Way to Rescue a Person Overboard!

Winner of DAME Category 2017
Winner of Equipment Innovation of the Year Award - The British Yachting Awards 2018
Winner of Miami 2018 Innovation Awards
Winner od Pittman Innovation Awards
Yachting Worlds - Best Smart Phone Device on Test

Arthur Beale are proud to be a the main London Stockists of this brilliant new device

The CrewWatcher is a crew overboard alarm system with some fantastic extra functions

• System works like a virtual lifeline, made up of 2 components: beacon and app
• Included user-friendly app operates on compatible smart phones and tablets
• No mobile service required
• Alarm will automatically trigger in a MOB event
• One smart device watches up to 5 crew members wearing the beacon
• Perfect for children, pets, a towed dinghy or bilge alarm
• Activates with water immersion OR separation from vessel
• Rescue screen shows MOB bearing, distance and lat/long coordinates at point of MOB
• Bearing updates as boat manoeuvres and “virtual MOB Compass” points to location
• 30x faster response than Personal AIS Beacon at 1/3 the price
• Automatically updates with new features (both app and beacon)

Here are some frequently asked questions
• How does CrewWatcher compare to AIS beacons?
CrewWatcher differs from traditional systems in a number of ways but the main advantages are;
- Alerts 30x faster which is critical in cold waters.
- Great value, about a third the cost of traditional systems.
- Alarm is 3-way: Audio, strobe light & vibration
- Small, lightweight, fits anywhere.
• Does a user carry the monitoring phone/tablet on deck?
No, we recommend it be kept at the navigation table, similar to navigation digital charts like Navionics. We also recommend the phone be connected to power and the boat’s stereo system. This will allow for the audio alarm to sound at high volume and prevent drainage of the phone battery.
• Does CrewWatcher require mobile reception or WiFi?
No, CrewWatcher creates its own network between the phone and the beacons. No mobile reception or WiFi required.
• Is this just an app?
No, CrewWatcher consists of two parts; a physical beacon and an app for your smartphone or tablet.
• What triggers the alarm?
The alarm can be triggered in two ways; either by a loss of signal or the detection of water by the beacon sensor. Bluetooth travels poorly through water, hence the connection is quickly lost in a MOB event.
• How does the rescue guidance work?
Please view the 02-CoastguardSeaTrial video to see the rescue guidance in action. After the alarm is confirmed, the user is visually guided first to the point of loss and later to the MOB. They have developed an intuitive MOB compass that visually guides the user during rescue while requiring zero input. The rescuing vessel is shown at the center of the compass while an MOB icon represents the direction to the MOB’s point of loss. The user steers the rescue course shown on the screen until the icon is right in front of the on screen vessel image. The icon turns green and gets bigger as you make the approach.
There’s no map reading involved; it’s simple and intuitive

Price: 169.00 (Including VAT at 20%)