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Cotton Ropes

Technical Specification on Cotton Rope

Material: Pure Cotton. Our abbreviation CT
Specific Gravity: 1.54 Sinks
Resistance to Acid: Weakens fibres
Resistance to Alkali: Weakens fibres
Resistance to Solvents: High resistance to most solvents
Resistance to Heat: Decomposes after prolonged exposure to 150°C.
Burns readily
Resistant to UV: Good but prolonged exposure weakens fibres
Resistance to abrasion: Moderate
Affected by Moisture: Very absorbant. 20% stronger when wet.
Stretch: High on softly laid ropes but breaking elongation of the fibre is
low at only 8-10%. Creep: Low
Knot holding: Good but hard to undo when wet.
Washing temperature: 40-60°C
Approximate Melting Point: Does not melt but decomposes at about