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Collano Semparoc 60 (800 g)

Collano Semparoc 60 (800 g)

An excellent marine wood glue. Collano Semparoc 60 has a long working time of 60 minutes allowing more complex structures to be clamped up. It is economical to use straight from the bottle with little wastage. Collano Semparoc reacts with moisture thus making it ideal for use in wet conditions - up to 25% moisture in the wood, even at temperatures as low as 5ºC.

One component PUR adhesive with high bond strengths and choice of open time, this is the slower working time ~60 minutes.

For water-proof [EN 12765] and weather resistant bonding of all timber materials, stone, cement based boards, cork etc.

Suitable for assembly work and for use with hardwoods, softwoods and non-flammable building boards. This glue effectively replaces Balcoton and has the advantage that it tends to foam up less.

Type: Semparoc 60
Approximate Working Time: 60 minutes

Also available: Rapid V which gives approximately 15 minutes working time.

Technical details:
Viscosity at 20°C ˜ 8,500 mPa [5/20]
Density: 1.25 g/ml
Solids Content: 100%
Waterproof resistance C4 in accordance with: EN12765
Fire resistance: EN 13501 to F120 [with corresponding materials and construction]
Heat resistance to: +120°C
Shelf life: 9 months
Spread rate: 100-300 grams per square metre

Price: 32.64 (Including VAT at 20%)