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Clamseal - Repairs inflatables - fast

Clamseal - Repairs inflatables - fast

The award-winning, patented ClamSeal™ - repairs inflatables fast - even when wet

The ClamSeal can instantly repair splits and tears up to 90 mm (3 ½ ") in length without the use of any hand tools, or adhesive.

ClamSeal is a patented glue-less repair system and instantly repairs small tears or splits in inflatables above or below the waterline - regardless of the fact that the material may be wet.

The system works by using two half "shells" that screw together tightly, using the inflatable material itself as a water and air-tight seal. It is quick and easy to fit and effects an immediate repair which can keep you afloat until a more permanent repair can be made.
- Quick and easy to fit
- Requires no adhesive or tape
- Can be used above or below the waterline
- Can be used on wet materials
- Provides an instant repair
- Re-usable again and again.

The ClamSeal can be carried as part of your emergency equipment on board. It can be used at sea, on shore; even underwater as no adhesive tape is involved. The clever mechanics of the ClamSeal design mean this simple product can keep you safetly afloat.

The ClamSeal has now become a permanent part of the safety kit on many RIBs around the world and is continuing to amaze those who have used them - an effective, low cost solution to an otherwise complicated problem.

ClamSeal is suitable for use on:

- RIBs
- Dinghies
- Liferafts
- Buoyancy bags
- Virtually any inflatable product

Price: 12.90 (Including VAT at 20%)