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C42 La Rochelle to Santander

C42 La Rochelle to Santander


La Rochelle to Santander
Scale: 1:350,000 WGS 84
Plans include:
Approach to Arcachon (1:50,000)
Capbreton (1:20,000)
Rada de Higuer (1:25,000)
Getaria (1:15,000)
Zumaia (1:15,000)
Abra de Bilbao (1:25,000)
Laredo (1:20 000)
Santoña (1:20,000)
Santander (1:25,000)

Also includes a plan of La Gironde & La Garonne (1:200,000) on the reverse of the chart.

On this 2013 edition a new plan of Laredo Marina has been added; the plan of La Gironde and La Garonne on the back of the chart has been improved, and the sketch plan of Capbreton has been replaced with a WGS84 - compatible plan. Harbour developments are shown at Bilbao, and the latest depths have been applied throughout, especially at La Gironde, Bassin d’Arcachon and Santander.

Price: 19.00