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Beal LT190 - Lantern and Torch 190 Lumen

Beal LT190 - Lantern and Torch 190 Lumen

Torch and Lantern in one!
Here's a useful piece of kit recently shown to us by Beal Ropes. It is a handy torch with a powerful 190 lumen beam which will light up the way for 150 m. Then once you have found your boat in the remote anchorage you can convert it into a handy table lantern by extending its yellow tripod feet and pulling up the body to reveal a neat diffuser. When its time to turn in you can hoist it in the rigging with the supplied hoop as an extra low level anchor light. Perfect for camping too. Excellent value for such a useful piece of kit.

Technical Specification:

Max lumen: 190
Max beam length: 150 m
Modes: Two.
Eco Mode: 7 lumen, 10 m beam, 1.5 m diameter and 230 hour running time
Max mode: 190 lumen, 150 m beam, 10 m diameter and 40 hour running time
Batteries: 4 x AA not included
Weight: 145 g plus batteries 96 g = 241 g
Water resistance: IPX4 Shower proof

Price: 28.00 (Including VAT at 20%)