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Barton Victory Wooden Block 80 mm sheave for 14 mm ropes

Barton Victory Wooden Block 80 mm sheave for 14 mm ropes

Victory collection

Combining high performance engineering and classic design, this range of wooden blocks has been designed for mariners who appreciate elegance and want technical excellence. The range has been named in honour of the flagship of the British Navy – the HMS Victory. Crafted by sailors for sailors, the Victory blocks are manufactured in the UK from traditional ash wood. Available in high gloss marine varnish finish, or in natural uncoated ash, the blocks can be painted or varnished to compliment the aesthetics of a dinghy or yacht. Victory blocks are bolted together allowing for servicing or refinishing. The Victory collection of wooden blocks not only look good, but are highly durable and designed to withstand many years of use in harsh marine environments. The sleek style wooden plates conceal the modern technical working of Barton’s proven high performance engineering, with Delrin ball bearings, Torlon needle bearings, gun metal shaded sheave and solid brass fittings.


Sheave diameter: 80 mm x 20 mm
Length: Approximately 140 mm
Weight: 530 g
Bearings: Torlon needle rollers with Delrin ball bearing side bearings
Maximum Rope Diameter: 14 mm
Breaking Headload: 2,500 kg
Max Rolling Load: 1,200 kg
Finish: High Gloss Varnish

Price: 359.67 (Including VAT at 20%)