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Aquapac Wet & Dry Backpack 35L

Aquapac Wet & Dry Backpack 35L

Whether you're commuting in the rain or canyoning down a waterfall, this is a fully-featured waterproof backpack that will protect your gear from the elements.

What size do I need?
The Backpack has a 35 Litre capacity. This is enough to carry a Laptop, a change of clothes, warm jacket and meal.
The external mesh pockets will each hold a 2L water bottle, magazine or tripod.
The lashtabs on each chest strap and main bag are to carabiner on a bicycle helmet or pouch.

Full-size waterproof internal pocket - Allows you to separate your wet and dry things (or dirty and clean things) stowed safely in the same bag.
Internal pockets in yellow - So you can see to the bottom of the bag easily.
Clear key pocket - No need to scrabble around inside the bag for those small items.
External mesh-pockets - Keep a bottle or pump quick and easy to get to.
TPU-coated fabric with taped seams - Water can't seep in through the seams, even where they are sewn.
Proven roll-seal - Quick and easy closure which provides excellent sealing against the elements.
Removable back support/seat - Take it out to dry it quickly after a soaking, or protect yourself when sitting on rough terrain.
Pocket can be used for hydration bladder - Add in a bladder and clip the hose to the carabiner supplied, to stay hydrated on the trail.
Integral light-lash - Add a light to your back, or clip on your helmet to stay hands-free.
Breathable mesh straps - Quick-drying and breathable mesh straps are lightweight and comfortable.
Reflective logo print - Be seen at night with reflective ink on your back, but be subtle in daylight.
Sternum and waist straps - Keep the backpack securely in place when you are moving on the trail. And remove the waist strap if you don't need it.
Carabiner lashes - So you can attach your map-case, water-bottle or safety equipment to keep it convenient and hands-free.
100% PVC-Free - Stays supple and crack-free even when it's really cold.

Price: 75.00 (Including VAT at 20%)