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Anchors General

You deserve a good night's sleep when the wind pipes up. So you don't want to worry about your anchor dragging. Arthur Beale now stock two brilliant yacht anchors and an economical solution for those who only occassionally anchor - such as narrow boats using the tidal Thames.
For your main bower, we highly recommend the Rocna. It bites quickly and digs deeper the more you tug. On a recent Arctic voyage all three skippers independently choose Rocna anchors to safeguard their crew in these totally exposed anchorages where katabatic winds have been recorded at 159 kn. If you want a reliable anchor we believe this is the best available. It is now available in a Vulcan version more suited to bow rollers.

For a kedge, the aluminium Fortress is a great choice. In fact its holding power is one of the most impressive available. They are so light they can easily be tossed in the dinghy and rowed out as a kedge if you find yourself stuck on a sand bank as is my occassional misfortune.

For those who occassionally day anchor or who need one for rare tidal trips in their narrow boats we have an excellent anchoring kit with a Danforth style anchor with a nylon warp or a chain and warp.