Sea Charts by John Blake

4th May 1845 at Arthur Beale. Admission Free

We are very pleased to announce that John Blake has agreed to give us a talk on Sea Charts. This is a subject that I shall certainly enjoy as I love old charts and collect a few. John Blake's newly published "The Sea Chart" - second edition will be available for sale on the night.

To sail the oceans needed skill as well as courage and experience, and the sea chart was the essential tool by which ships of trade, transport or conquest navigated their course. The Sea Chart looks at the history and development of the chart and the related nautical map, in both scientific and aesthetic terms, as a means of safe and accurate seaborne navigation. Author John Blake takes a beautiful and unique look at the political significance and practical use of sea charts along chronological and geographical lines. With around 40 new charts and accompanying text in this new edition, each of the ten chapters examines the history of the charting of a particular region and the context under which such charting took place.The substantial collection of important charts and illustrations – from the Italian merchant-venturers of the early thirteenth century to the extraordinary voyages by European seafarers encompassing the New World, via Cook’s explorations in the Pacific and races to the Arctic and Antarctic – will appeal to seasoned mariners and armchair sailors alike.

Lieutenant-Commander John Blake, FRIN, spent twelve years in the Royal Navy. He has worked extensively with the UK Hydrographic Office, the producers of Admiralty Charts, and is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation. John is the author of the acclaimed Conway publications The Sea Chart (2003) and Sea Charts of the British Isles (2005). His research interests span the maritime world, from nautical charts and surveying to merchant shipping.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 18:45 to 20:15