Good Little Ship

An Illustrated Talk by Peter Willis

Arthur Ransome’s "We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea" was inspired by his boat the Nancy Blackett
which appears in the book as the Goblin.
But there was more to her influence on the novel than that, as Peter Willis shows in this new book, which combines an analysis of this classic of maritime literature (“a book of which Conrad would have been proud” – Hugh Brogan) with the history of the boat herself, her life, near-death, restoration and renaissance as an ambassador for Ransome and his tales.
Also included: Arthur Ransome’s own article, ‘Saturday to Saturday’ and notes on all of his other boats
Peter Willis is a former Deputy Editor of Classic Boat, currently performing a similar function on Classic Sailor magazine. In 1996 he launched an appeal to buy Arthur Ransome’s Nancy Blackett and preserve her to be sailed as a living reminder of Ransome and his works. He lives in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Admission to the talk is a nominal £5.00 which is fully refunded on purchase of the book or any item from Arthur Beale worth over £15.00.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 18:45 to 20:15