You'll never guess what I want it for!

A gentleman came into the shop yesterday and was browsing the pad eyes and snap hooks. I asked if he wanted some help and he said "Well actually, it's not for a boat at all, you'll never guess what it's for!". I had a little hunch and said "For hanging a chair in Selfridges atrium?". He stepped back thinking he must have walked into the Astrology shop around the corner. The thing is we sell a lot of strange things to hang strange objects.

Only a few days before Sarah Campbell had...

Bullet Proof Systems

An email came through - "Thanks Steve, that wire fitted perfectly, can I have another two sent over?". Well, that would have been fine if Steve wasn't on holiday so James looked at Alex with slightly quizzical look and Alex looked to me but got no reassurance there. Then James and Alex remembered the "Database" and big smiles appeared all round.

Now, as you may imagine, the Arthur Beale Database isn't an expensive piece of...

Moving Heavy Things

A real does-what-it-says-on-the-tin book! Ideal for all those people (I count myself amongst them) who’ve caught themselves thinking “There must be a better way than this!” halfway through moving, say, a boat up a beach, or a piano down a flight of stairs. Everything about the book seems practical – it’s a nice robust hardback published by “Wooden Boat Books” in Maine, USA, who you feel must know what they’re talking about...

Worse Things Happen at Sea

​On the subject of well-illustrated unusual books – here’s another one that we at Beale’s are happy to include in our collection:. Worse Things Happen at Sea, strictly speaking, isn’t really a book at all – it’s a fold out, double sided, 130cm panoramic spread of beautiful illustrations of mythical maritime creatures, ships and the sea. It would look great on a mantelpiece, but it does come in a very nice cardboard cover with a sea-shanty printed on the inside! The level of detail in the...

Charlotte and Dan win the Challenge Cup!

On Friday 6th March Charlotte and Dan came to visit Arthur Beale's. They had been attending a prize giving at the Royal Cruising Club and managed to pick up the big trophy. It couldn't have gone to a more deserving couple of sailors! This couple can do almost anything including climbing mountains, felling trees, illustrating Classic Boat magazine every month, mending defunct engines, building their own boat, making jewellery and of course sailing! I bet I've missed out a lot too. Dan is definitely the happiest person I have ever met.

Talks and Demonstrations

<p>We are holding regular talks and demonstrations of products and techniques. They will normally be held on Thursday evenings starting at 18:45 and lasting around one hour. Next up on Wednesday 1st April and back by popular demand is our Splicing Demonstration. After a short talk about ropes in general we will divide into small groups to be shown how to undertake a proper three strand splice. All attendees will take home something they have made.