London Boat Show

Excel Centre London

10th January 2015

Rubbish weather caused my planned weekend sail to the Medway to be cancelled so plan B kicked in. Plan B was to be a nice River Circuit run in the morning then go to the boat show. We might be hearing more about the River Circuit Run as we are contemplating organising a pursuit half marathon in the autumn. We arrived at the Boat Show just after lunch. Sadly the cable car had closed down due to the high winds. This was reassuring...

Maybe Admiral Fitzroy was right after all?

Arthur Beale’s stock a very satisfyingly heavy and well-polished brass object of desire, known as a Storm Glass. It is the kind of object you may buy as a gift for the person who already has a barometer and a barograph. Mind you, those scientifically minded people probably wouldn’t buy one for themselves as they would not accept that gazing into crystals can be of any use in forecasting the weather. Nevertheless they look rather splendid and very nautical hanging from their smart bracket...

Now there's a funny thing

I suspect that the world is divided into two types of people. There are those who can come across a strange looking gadget and just wander past, and there are those who will get drawn magnetically towards it and can’t get it out of their mind until they have worked out what on earth it is meant to do. I’m not talking about electronics, which baffle me completely, but things like a piece of bent iron, sharpened at one end with a well-worn wooden handle half way down the shaft. Before you all...

Winter Sailing versus the London Boat Show

South Dock London

Saturday, 27th December 2014

The Christmas rush is now over and our next task will be to remove the Arthur Beale Christmas Window Display. We are dithering about ideas for the new window so I expect we will go back to the old display until we make our minds up.

We did consider having an Arthur Beale stand at the London Boat Show but decided against it - for this year at least. We have a lovely picture of our stand at the first ever London Boat Show...

Christmas at Arthur Beale

Snow Storm - Dinghy off Harbour's Mouth, delivering Christmas Presents and going by the Lead in Shallow Water.

Arthur Beale's window doesn't change very often (indeed no one can remember when it was last changed!) but we felt this homage to Turner was a great way of reminding everyone that Arthur Beale's is a fantastic place to do your Christmas Shopping. Don't forget we are open till 8pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays and from 11am to 5pm on Sundays. If you want some ideas...