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6 mm Flax "Hemp" Three Strand Right Hand Hawser Lay

6 mm Flax

A three strand rope with soft fibres which is easier on the hands than manila. Often used as handrail rope. Widely used in theatres. The rope can be easily fireproofed with the correct solution.

A full coil is 220 m or 120 fathoms which was the British Navy's minimum length to anchor a ship. These ropes are still made on "Rope Walks" that are 120 fathoms long and were some of the longest building in the country. This rope was made on the rope walk in Chatham, Great Britain.

Diameter: 6 mm
Breaking Load: 275 kg
Weight per 220 m; 6.5 kg

Price: (9 or fewer items) 0.71 (Including VAT at 20%) Price: (10 to 219 items) 0.47 (Including VAT at 20%) Price: (220 or more items) 0.35 (Including VAT at 20%)